Take A Deep Breath, You Have Everything You Need


Before we get this thang started, take a deep breath (or more) to relax. I know we are in trying times right now. But in the words of one Kendrick Lamar, "we gon be alright!" Speaking of Kendrick, I've been meditating a lot on his music lately, starting with "Good Kid, m.A.A.d City" all the way up to "DAMN". In particular, "DNA" has been resonating with me the most, even more so than it did when it was released in 2017. DNA has always been one of my favorite Kendrick Lamar tracks for several reasons: the visuals and story-line as told in the music video are creative genius level, the narrative and lyrical wordplay is rooted in black excellence, AND it contains a sample from a live performance of "Mary Jane" by Rick James, which is another one of my favorite songs (the loop "give me some ganja!" is what I'm referencing here). Anyway, the lyrics have been giving me SO MUCH LIFEEEEEE and have reaffirmed some of the thoughts and feelings I've been having lately regarding this COVID-19 outbreak. (There's a lot of shifting and energetic movement going on, so secure your wig!) Do you want to know what I think is our best chance at surviving The 'Rona? Our best bet is to COLLECTIVELY get back to our roots (our DNA.)

Allow me to share a few lyrics from "DNA" & how I'm to applying it to current events. Walk with me.

  1. "I got power, poison, pain and joy inside my DNA. I got hustle, though, ambition flow inside my DNA. I was born like this, since one like this, immaculate conception." We are complex, unique individuals, and we all have different purposes & life paths. Nonetheless, we all are connected and apart of a collective energy. I believe this down time during the corona virus outbreak is meant for us to be connecting more with self. By doing this, we can connect more with the collective. We have power (it's up to us to tap into that power). We have poison, by way of some media outlets and divisive distractions, poison in our food, and pollution in the environment. We also all experience pain, but as the saying goes, pain is the best teacher. Because we are created in the image of The Most High, we have immaculate conception and our presence here in this world, in this life, is for a reason.

  2. "My DNA not for imitation. Your DNA, an abomination." Now this next part may not resonate with everyone, and that's okay. I'm just using this medium to express my thoughts. Although education & teaching Black history in America has been suppressed and several attempts have been made to have it erased, don't be fooled! (I said this in my last blog post, but Black folks got the juice. Often imitated, never duplicated. Bloop!) We are descendants of royalty: kings, queens, alchemists, truth seekers, divine teachers, brave hearts, and warriors ("I got loyalty, got royalty, inside my DNA!") . Civilization began in Kemet (modern day Egypt) which means that everything began in Africa. As descendants of Africa, now is the time to unlearn what was taught, and get to know who we are on a deeper level. In the words of my fave astrobae Imani Cohen (@TheHoodHealer) we need to "remember to forget" what was taught so that we can return to our original selves/souls before programming. I hope I'm not giving Hotep energy, but these are the facts. Take it or leave it.

  3. "Only Lord knows, I've been going hammer. Dodging paparazzi, freaking through the cameras. Eat at Four Daughters, Brock wearing sandals. Yoga on a Monday, stretching to nirvana. Watching all the snakes, curving all the fakes. Phone never on, I don't conversate." I been going hammertime, ju heard?! Hammertime in the gym. Hammertime in paying attention to my thoughts and what I consume. Hammertime by eating foods that make me feel my best and most energetic. Going hammertime in preserving my energy. These bars scream "self preservation" by means of eating well (Four Daughters), staying out of the mix (dodging paparazzi), taking care of your body (yoga on a Monday, stretching to Nirvana), separating from toxic & low vibrational energy (watching all the snakes, curving all the fakes), and saying less by observing more (phone never on, I don't conversate). This is a time to reflect & quiet our minds! Don't take it for granted.

  4. "These are the times. Level number 9. Look up in the sky, 10 is on the way." Now to take it a little deeper. Some people feel like this pandemic is a sign of the times. I am in no position to say if this is true or not, but what I will say is that things have escalated rather quickly. Many things remain unclear, but one thing that is clear as day is that ALL OF THIS IS HAPPENING FOR A REASON. Read that last part again. The 9 and 10 refers to the Ten Plagues of Egypt, which were ordained by God by in order to free persecuted Israelites from Egyptian slavery. There have been other occurrences besides the corona virus that support the notion that we are re-living these plagues. Additionally, I have seen things to suggest Black people & other marginalized groups will emerge stronger, unified, and more powerful/abundant as a result of these current events (similar to the aforementioned Israelite tribes). Behold, yet another reason to re-connect and re-learn to walk in our power.

I can't stress this enough, now is the time to disconnect from the world and get re-connected to self by use of meditation, prayer, isolation, reflection, dance, exercise, and healing. Many of us have much needed breaks from work, which provides the opportunity to finally allow ourselves to get some proper rest. Let's get into natural, nutritional, and vitamin/antioxidant rich foods. Let's take the time to stay hydrated. Lets get to know ourselves on a higher level. Let us continue to pray. Let us continue leaning on God for guidance and understanding. Let us be releasing what no longer serves. Let us be grateful for this opportunity to cleanse our minds, bodies, and spirits.

It's not what's on you, it's what's in you. You have everything you need!

...now let the church say Amen.

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