New Name, Who Dis?

This season of my life is in perfect alignment with everything that comes to mind when I think of fall: the beauty of change, death and rebirth, and all things warm, cozy, spicy, or festive. Last month, I got married, which is perhaps one of my biggest lifestyle/longevity changes of the year. Planning a wedding at any time comes with a reasonable amount of stress. But planning a wedding during a pandemic (yikes) in a city where too many of the residents are acting like COVID is a myth?!

That requires a specific type of patience I was unaware I had until now (forever I Love Atlanta, but y'all are W I L D I N in regards to the disregard for social distancing.)

In addition to my new last name, I am excited to announce my baby (the Artist Formerly Known As YERABrand) is undergoing a re-brand/re-vamp with a new name that better represents who I am as an individual, the services and products I offer, and most importantly, this new model better represents the lessons and experiences I've had over the past several years of being a small business owner. The first of many additions to the new and improved version of YERABrand will have more focus on the expansion of bridal services being offered. I got married last month and although we had a planner, I ended up finding several of the vendors myself and although I am grateful for the experience, we definitely would've gone in another direction (in hindsight). My sister, who is a creative baby genius as well as a full-time graphic design artist, was my maid of honor, which meant we had the most beautiful, customized decor that reflected us as a couple in a very unique way.

You can check out the wedding website she designed for us here, or check out some of her other work here.

It's clearly Divine Intervention (IMO) that pandemic wedding planning would lend itself to ways for my sister and me to not only display our creative aesthetic and ideas but also make some


Along with the new bridal elements, I am also launching a new holiday collection of dresses perfect for #NewYearsEve2020. I'm aware I just dragged the Atlanta girls in the intro, BUT I see nothing wrong with celebrating safely- such as upscale, intimate dinners and holiday events, Holiday themed photo shoots, right down to festive kickbacks and impromptu at home photo shoots in your living space... the possibilities are truly endless. However, regardless of plans, YERABrand (new name to be announced in December for the re-launch) has you covered (literally) with a range of show-stopping, curated lewks.

To sign up to receive updates about the brand re-launch in December, click here.

For a sneak peek of what's to come with our bridal services as well as photos from my ceremony, scroll down.

Thank you & feel free to share this with someone who would enjoy my content.


Client photos via YERABrand Beauty

Photo: Eva Liz

IG: @evalizsanz

Photography: Elizabeth Austin (IG: @elizabethaustinphoto)

Cake: Virginia Marie Cakes (IG: @virginiamariecakes)

Florals: Full Bloom By Lauren (IG: @fullbloombylauren)

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