Lemonade 🐝🍋

Let's all be honest with ourselves... Beyonce's #Lemonade visual album was an absolute GAME CHANGER. And although the album dropped over a year ago, most of us still play it, quote it, sing it, and stan for it like we did when it first dropped.

Why was this album so iconic? Because Beyoncé so eloquently and artistically stood in her truth. Her audio masterpiece eplored infidelity and the emotions that come with it. Daddy issues. Social rights, the #BLM movement & police brutality. But above all else, the redeeming qualities of


Personally, Lemonade resonated with me more so on an artisitic level. Why, you ask? Because Beyoncé NEVER falls short of giving her fans and the world SICKENING visuals. Not only did she bless us with more of her, but added an all star cameo lineup that literally could be the poster for #BlackGirlMagic (Hey Serena Williams! Hey Winnie Harlow! Hey Zendaya! Hey Blue Ivy! Hey Chloe and Halle! Hey Ms. Tina!)

I was so inspired by this entire body of work, but I decided to take what I saw and make it my own. YERABrand's lemonade with a heavy dose of Black Girl Magic to go with it. I channeled the visuals towards the later portion of album, the ones of gorgeous black women frolicking outdoors exuding elegance, poise, and natural beauty. I took what I saw, created a small assortment of dressses, and had a photo shoot with like minded women who wanted to metaphorically enjoy a glass of lemonade with me. I invite you to join 🐝

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