The cost of each item is inclusive of labor and fabric, therefore we do not offer refunds, only store credits. Returns must be received within ten (10) days of original purchase.


Most orders reach their destinations within 2-3 weeks, but this can vary depending on the item(s).


Does YERABRAND make custom pieces?

Absolutely! When we originated in 2011, we only made custom pieces unique to each customer. If there is anything you want recreated or custom-made just for you, please email us a picture or description of what you have in mind. We specialize in gowns, dresses, swimwear, pantsuits and more! Let us bring your vision to life. 


What if I need my order immediately? 

We offer next-day shipping as well as overnight and express orders. In the event that you need an expedited order, please call, text, or email us.


What if my item doesn't fit correctly? 

We offer exchanges within 30 days after the date of original purchase and we will exchange the same item for a different size. 


Do you offer any types of discounts or referral incentives?

Of course! We are still a young, small business, and building and maintaining relationships is very important to us. We offer discounts for our loyal and repeat customers, as well as

first-time customers and referrals. 


Do you ship internationally?

Of course!

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